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March 2, 2016

Lauren and Brock were my first Texas couple which pretty much guarantees them lifetime status as one of my favorite couples ever. (Moving a company cross-country is not a small feat.) Brock grew up in Lubbock but Lauren is from Arizona so she and I bounded over our status as transplants to Texas. From the very first consultation we clicked. Which made them all the more of a joy to work with while I coordinated their wedding and designed Lauren’s bouquet.

The wedding was held in Brock’s childhood backyard, under beautiful trees, string lights, and the most stunning full moon. The couple wanted a casual, yet elegant wedding so that their guests—who were coming from far and wide—would relax and fully enter into the celebration.

Vibrant bouquet of pink dahlias, succulents, and coral zinnias designed by Jessica Ormond Events.

Lauren designed much of the wedding decorations herself; from the signs and favors, to growing the succulent centerpieces. Brock built the ceremony backdrop and their sister-in-law made the cakes. After a sweet and emotional ceremony, the guests danced the night away with the amazing Jenni Dale Lord Band. Brock even surprised everyone with a fireworks display.

Lauren is sweet, authentic, and so vibrant you can’t help but love her. Her bouquet is one of my favorite examples of how artfully designed and selected flowers can truly reflect a bride’s beauty. Lauren wanted pink and coral dahlias with succulents in a hand-tied bouquet. I also used perfectly hued local Zinnias and added the soft elegance of Veronica.

There was one gray cloud over this stunning celebration when the couple’s beloved dog became ill the afternoon of the wedding. (Kristin, the photographer, does a fabulous job telling the story on her blog.) Sometimes the sweet, joyous occasions became all the more precious when contrasted with a little sorrow. That afternoon, Brock and Lauren’s love and tender partnership was all the more evident as we watched them, hours before their ceremony, weather the difficult and unexpected.

For more wedding details and the professional pictures please visit the talented Kristin Bednarz’s blog.

The details:

The colors:  Vibrant pink and coral, white, and silvery green
The style:  Backyard casual elegance that cultivates community and celebration
The flowers:  Dahlias, Gloriosa Lilies, Veronica, and Succulents

The vendors:

Venue:  Private Property in Lubbock, Texas
Photographer:  Kristin Bednarz
Caterer:  North Catering Company
Band:  Jenni Dale Lord Band
Signs:  Elle Designs

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