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January 5, 2023

Janelle and Kevin have one of those sweet, slow romances that started with friendship and deep conversations. They are both from small West Texas towns and highly value their families and communities. At nearly 500 guests many of neighbors from those towns attended their ceremony at First Baptist Lubbock and oh so fun reception at the Eberely Brooks barn. (There’s nothing like a live band to keep the dance floor going.) Despite the number of guests they were intentional with their families, friends, and details of the day. Janelle is truly a warm and kindhearted soul. Since their wedding Janelle has launched her own company as a make-up artist and it is such a treat to see her through out the year when we share brides.  

For their wedding day, Kevin and Janelle envisioned a celebration that was classy and formal but also airy and whimsical. For the formal they incorporated elements like black tie for the gents and a plated dinner. And, for the airy feel we kept the decor focused on white florals, sage greens, and soft blue accents. They also included personal touches such as family heirlooms and desserts from Janelle’s Dutch heritage. 

Even four years later, Kevin and Janelle’s wedding remains a highlight. 


Wedding Team

Adam Paul Stone Productions  /  Caldwell Entertainment  /  Eberley Brooks Event Center  /  First Baptist Church Lubbock  /  Jessica Ormond Events  /  Loco’s Restaurant  /  Lubbock Shuttle  /  Makeup by Cali  / Makeup by Janelle (bride only)  /  May Carlson Fine Art Photography  

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