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January 6, 2023

Intention was woven into every part of Kati & Jacob’s day and I knew I wanted to work with them as soon as I read Kati’s inquiry. 

Their story

She said Jacob told their story best and pasted in his words. He starts by sharing how they had known each Tech but he hadn’t been looking for ‘the one’ at that time, so, 

“Fast forward a year or two and we both went our separate ways. I moved to Oregon and she moved to Mississippi. However, Lubbock has a way of bringing people back and bringing people together.” (In the meantime Jacob had also realized he was ready to find his soulmate.) 

“When I took Kati on our first date, to use a horrible cliché: it felt like we had known each other for years. The instant level of comfort was almost scary. One date led to the next and before long we were spending much, if not all, of our free time together. On this journey together, it has been my absolute pleasure getting to grow alongside Kati in love for Christ and one another. I can truly say there is no other person I would rather spend my life with, for better or worse, I choose Kati every time.” 

Their wedding vision

In planning their wedding they wanted a large family emphasis as they are both very close to their families. All of Kati’s sisters were bridesmaids, along with her mom who was the Matron of Honor. And, Jacob’s mom once told Kati that she regrets not having worn gloves during her wedding. So they opted for black-tie optional and all the bridesmaids wore gloves. 

Kati wanted to merge the outdoor setting of Spirit Ranch with the more formal elements of black-tie. As she said, “There are few occasions in Lubbock where you really get to dress up, so we would like to make this an event unlike something we normally see in Lubbock!”

We settled on a design of easy elegance with a palette of black, white, and emerald but also kept light and modern touches such as florals inspired by the ephemeral nature of baby’s breath.

Style aside, Kati and Jacob, most wanted, “… our guests to feel the love in the small details and provide memories that will last through the end of time.”

Wedding Team

Azazie  /  Beth Lacy  /  Elyce Arrieta  /  Emily Koontz Photo  /  Great Lookz  /  Honeycomb Pie Bar  /  J&B Coffee  /  Jessica Ormond Events  /  Lillie’s Bridal Boutique   /  Minted Nordstrom  /  Oliver + Piper  /  Premier Entertainment  /  Puttin’ on the Ritz Linens  /  Simply Decadent  /  Sparked Events (dance floor)  /  Spirit Ranch

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