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February 29, 2016
Chocolate naked cake and textured toss bouquet | Jessica Ormond Events | Coral Lee Carlson Photography. Lubbock Texas boutique wedding florist.
Coral Lee Carlson Photography

The internet is overflowing with wedding information; trends, inspirations, to-dos, advice.

And oh, that advice! It sounds definitive, yet contradicts the last article you read. All the while you are just trying to weed through Tipping the Coat Attendant and How to Have Your Dream Wedding on a $1000 Budget to find the information that fits your celebration. Or you may have discovered that those detailed planning timelines tell you what to do but not why (or how) you should.

I spend a lot of hours reading, viewing, and absorbing wedding information. Which means I occasionally discover stellar articles that are exceptionally helpful. This is the first, series where I’ll share a few quality links every month to help you with your wedding planning.

Must read for the newly engaged

If you are newly engaged here is a great list of articles on The Every Last Detail to help you with wedding planning 101. The editor, Lauren, offers the why behind some wedding elements like “why do weddings cost so much” not just a check list of what to do next.

Selecting your cake

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Meet With Your Wedding Cake Artist. I kind of wanted a slice of cake after the yummy pictures. But in all seriousness, there’s a little more to cake selection than what tastes the best or having a baker copy your favorite picture off of Pinterest.

When you need some perspective

Offbeat Bride has a list of 18 Things I Wish I Could Have Told My Wedding-Planning Self a Year Ago. This article is worth the read, even if you have read it before. Julie has some great advice for how to make the outcome, specifically your marriage, the defining perspective for your planning decisions. I’d argue #15, especially if you are not having an evening wedding. But all in all, this is a fantastic list.

So, what wedding planning questions do you have? Are you facing any dilemmas that you’d like some advice on? Leave a comment below, and I’ll answer here, or email me and we’ll chat.

Happy planning!

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