Refined Design

That welcomes your guests into a beauty and joy filled
celebration of your marriage.

That’s my specialty. So if it is also your wedding desire; close those twenty-six open browser tabs, you’ve found your wedding florist. 

I'm Jessica

Wedding Florist & Designer

My aim is to create beauty through the cultivation of lasting relationships, and to inspire a confidence that only comes from authenticity and true identity.

I believe in telling your story, not my version of it.

A wedding is more than pretty flowers and a stunning dress. It is a reflection of your gratitude towards your families while celebrating the formation of something new.

I believe that marriage is built upon giving and receiving a love that strives to fully know and accept while also encouraging one another in individual and mutual growth. It is my joy to capture your unique personality, taste, and story and turn them into a memory that enriches your life.

Jessica enhanced and executed my vision flawlessly and thanks to her our wedding was a dream! 

Janelle + Kevin

Hey there! I’m Jessica, founder and floral designer. But, to my most important people I am also wife, mom, mentor, or friend.

Whether business, or personal, in all my roles I desire to create a sense of belonging through deep meaningful conversations. I love lingering over lattes in a local shop or on my vintage living room couch and sharing heart stories or laughing over the silly and mundane.

My path into wedding floristry began with planning my own wedding and discovering that I enjoyed how it required both my logical and creative sides.

I first trained as a coordinator and then little by little learned planning and floristry. As I gained each new skill, I gifted them to friends and family. Year by year and gift by gift I grew in skills and number of weddings until those sometimes jobs became my full-time career.

The desire for connection and that attitude of service still defines how I interact with couples and their families. My ability to listen to your needs and vision, to observe and honor what is important to you allows me to refine and elevate your style. So that your marriage celebration is an event full of meaning and intentional beauty.

If you are looking for a true celebration of your partnership rather than an exercise in aimlessly following new trends or fumbling through a sea of opinions … you’re in the right place. 

Here, you’ll find florals of refined romance and delightful designs that intentionally welcome your guests into a joy-filled experience. 



Refined, Delightful, Gracious,


Are you ready to welcome your guests into a beauty and joy filled celebration of your marriage? One where the design is inspired by you and the beauty infused with meaning?