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January 6, 2023

Each couple uses different words when they reach out to me. But, at their heart my couples–dare I say my favorites–all share two priorities for their weddings:

One, they are so excited to get married. Yes, the wedding is fun. They are deeply in love and celebrate that. But they also are genuinely excited to partner in life. 

Two, their wedding days are about inviting their people into that excitement and celebration. 

These priorities were absolutely top of mind for Clancy & Ryan’s day. With all the uncertainty of 2020 they decided they weren’t going to wait for things to become predictable to start their marriage. So they cancelled their big Austin wedding and settled for a minimalist home celebration in November–at Clancy’s parent’s new Lubbock home–where they could gather their closest family and friends in celebration. 

Clancy & Ryan kept the focus on a sweet ceremony and then a reception with great food and time to linger over long conversations. Knowing that the aim was to welcome not distract guests we kept decor minimal and focused on warm, inviting details like candles and floral accents in modern harvest colors. 

Wedding Team

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