Madeleine + Tyler



April 21, 2023

Madeleine and Tyler are the embodiment of joy.

Their spring wedding at The Willows Event Center in Lubbock, Texas was filled with friends and family. They were truly surrounded with love and legacy. 

Their details ranged from silly and fun–spy the face socks and light up dance shoes–to timeless elegance–heirloom hankerciefs and antique details from the Mother of the Bride’s shop. 

They honored family in little and big ways. From picture of grandparents on Madeleine’s bouquet. To making time in the pre-ceremony preparations for her, her mom, and grandmother to get permanent bracelets. To Tyler’s father serving as best man, and giving the most heartfelt speech. 

Through out their day it was clear that Tyler and Madeleine were loved but also loved well in return. You couldn’t help but wish you were part of their everyday circle. 

There might be too many pics here but I could not leave out the peeks into M+T’s community and personalities. Don’t miss these favorites: 

The fresh take on greenery centerpieces

The fun but elegant sparkles on their cake.

The awesome groom’s dessert.

The most adorable and wise winners of the anniversary dance. I still regret not catching a video of their thoughtful advice. 

And, of course those amazing light up sneakers Madeleine’s extended family wore during the dance party. 

Tell me you don’t now want to be their best friends? 

Wedding Team

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