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April 22, 2016
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This month’s wedding planning resource is all about flowers. I am sure this will shock you but flowers are my favorite element of wedding decor. There is something about fresh blooms, they elevate a table or event. They are a pretty marker that communicates, “this moment is special.”

So, whether you choose to make flowers the focal point of your wedding decorations or you want them to play a smaller strategic role, choosing your flowers and setting your budget, requires some intentional thought.

Selecting Your Wedding Flowers

Southern Wedding’s blogger bride posted in March about a few key elements you can use to prioritize your flower related decisions.

Magazine-Worthy Wedding Flowers:  The Pricing You Should Expect

I love Pinterest. It is a great inspiration tool. But unfortunately all those lovely pictures lack context and that can make it hard to figure out your flower budget. If you see a beautiful centerpiece in Martha Stewart Weddings you’ll also see the designer gown, the ceremony of royal proportions, the seated dinner, and letter pressed invites; all those details subtle are subtle clues if that lovely centerpiece is within your budget. Pinterest does not have that kind of context which makes it that much harder to sort out your flower budget. In this article, luxury floral designer Holly Chapple dishes on what those publication worthy flowers really cost. The post is a couple of years old so the pricing norms have increased a little, and will vary by area, but it is still a valuable peek into the world of wedding flowers.

6 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

Speaking of Martha Stewart, this helpful article details some mistakes that are easy to make when selecting your wedding flowers.

I do offer one disclaimer to Mistake #2; if you are ordering personal flowers and centerpieces but not large altar arrangements, flower installations, or extensive decor a venue walk through may not be necessary, or an offered service. However, if your flower budget is over $5,000 or you have some of those previously mentioned elements, by all means the florist should be willing to visit your venue.

Mistake #4 is so important! I always coach my Month of Coordination brides and maids on how to hold their bouquets. It is so easy when you are nervous to hold the bouquet higher and higher until it looks like your flowers are a shield instead of a lovely accessory.

So what are you most looking forward to in your wedding flowers? Or do you have any flower questions you I can answer for you?

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