A Daffodil Ebenezer



March 24, 2023

Introducing the Meditative Art Series

I make no promises about the frequency of this project. Only, my intention to show up more fully and creatively this year.

Inspiration and an Ebenezer

About this arrangement …

Normally I wouldn’t attempt a design full of these cheery but oh so bossy daffodils. But their inspiration came from a recent hard afternoon.

My word this year is Abundant. The “generous sufficiency to satisfy a particular requirement.” Not because I have some hope of manifesting a surplus in my life. But because after the all the various hards of the past couple years I need the reminder that abundance is grace by another name.

And as grace, it is not my efforts or clinging that produces any of the good I, or those I love, receive.

I’ve been challenged to rest in this belief of late.

On that recent, disappointing afternoon I grabbed my ear buds and hit the neighborhood streets to walk (and cry) out my frustrations and fears. My playlist was filled with lyric after lyric about the sparrows and wild lilies.

While block after block yards featured the yellow spots of just blooming daffodils and the calls of robins enjoying their noonday feasts. 

By the time my heart found peace and I turned home I knew I needed an ebenezer. A marker, not of stone, but of these fleeting spring beauties. A reminder to consider the beautiful provision, the grace given out of care, not my accumulation or striving.

If you want to see the arrangement come together check out this Instagram Reel.

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