• I did promised to overshare @monica_windham412 #bridalportrait didn’t I? But, more to the point doesn’t this close up on her bouquet and the window light give you all the #springfeels; and therefore, feel extra appropriate for this Easter weekend?

Our little corner of the South Plains is fully under Spring’s charms showing off all the flowers, green, and at the moment perfectly blue skies. So it is easier to feel and notice all the rebirth, the hope of this season and holiday.

Photo:  @greenhouse_creative
  • Now that the lovely @monica_windham412 is married I can overshare her amazing bridals by @greenhouse_creative! Really, does it get any lovelier than this?

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  • Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Windham who were married on Friday. Despite a downpour on their ceremony @monica_windham412 and @traviswindham never stopped smiling.

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  • All the congratulations and love to @stinaemre and @danielemre! We indeed completed the mission—#gonnagetemred—in such an exceptional environment of joy and love. From the rehearsal dinner where family and friends spoke of the impact Daniel and Stina have on their lives to the sweet and grounded ceremony, to joyous reception party (and a TTU win); a wedding weekend that was the overflow of a couple who loves well. Wholeheartedly embracing all of their people. And, I was honored to be invited into that circle these last few months.

We also had a great team!
Venue:  @sophiasplacevenuelbk
Photographer:  @deborahfaithphoto — I can’t wait to see her images! This shot is my own and this bouquet was not easy to capture. All the 🙌🏻 for pros.
Videography:  @taenjohnson
DJ:  @djtaud
Catering:  Top Tier
Cake:  Cupcakes by Avery

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  • Isn’t this bridesmaid bouquet darling?

In totally unrelated news ... yesterday afternoon I legitimately thought it was Tuesday. Totally convinced. It wasn’t until this morning that I realized my mistake. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Luckily I didn’t say anything when puzzling over a friend’s post about it being Monday. Nor did this delusion exist in the morning so I was spared the embarrassment of showing up for today’s appointment yesterday.

You’re welcome for the laugh! And, the little boost of confidence that no matter what craziness you are facing this week you at least know what day it is! 😆💙 #texasflorist #lubbockflorist #bouquet #toomuchtodo #ineedmoresleep #occupationalhazard
  • Congratulations to Lex and Yoli who were married yesterday! It was an honor to help them execute their intention filled wedding.

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  • Here’s some seemingly random trivia for you... Verbena is also called Wild Hyssop. The only reason I know this is that Saturday’s couple requested Hyssop in their flower arrangements.

Unfortunately it’s early yet to get the plant in nurseries here and it’s not a common design flower. (Thus finding it at the wholesaler is more a happy accident than something I can order.) I already subbed lavender—also an herb and a similar shape—but they had shared that #hyssop had special significance for them. So I couldn’t leave well enough alone and dug more. Which lead me to the discover Hyssop-Verbena connection And, #verbena is available at my local nursery.

Here is where it gets fun; Hyssop signifies cleanliness. One of Verbena’s meanings in the language of flowers tradition is “pure.” Seriously! How cool is that?

Sometimes despite my best efforts to set expectations and to plan ahead substitutions are necessary. But I never take that lightly. So to match not just the color or look but also the meaning feels like a win.

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