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December 1, 2022

Chandler and Zane’s wedding at the Amarillo Club and Westminster Presbyterian was pure magic. Stylish. Chic beyond imagination. But sweetly intentional and wholly people-focused. Everyone on the wedding team still talks about that April day. Perhaps because it is everything most of us get into the wedding professions for … all the delightful beauty that enhances, but never distracts from, the purpose and people of the day. 

Alexandra of Allee J Photo was the photographer and she said it best:

“Fashion forward couples who are, at their core, people focused, have the gift of bringing people together and creating environments, atmospheres, and celebrations, that are full of beauty – not simply for the eyes, but also the heart. Chandler & Zane’s wedding was a dream come true for all!”

For my part, Chandler knew what colors she wanted, a few key flowers (daisies!), and a general vibe. She wanted a small but free flowing and ‘just gathered’ bouquet. I knew we were going to have magic when we were combining elements of multiple inspirations. 

Take a look! 

Wedding Team

Allee J Photo  /  Allison Mask   /  Amarillo Club  /  BHLDN  /  IceHouse Band  /  Jennifer Behr / Jessica Ormond Events  /  Lovely Bride Dallas  /  Olivia G Dallas  /   Paper Eliza   /  Sarah SevenSuit Supply  / Westminster Presbyterian Church, Amarillo  /   White Fox Styling Studio   

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