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December 1, 2022

Victoria and Xavier originally reached out to me for florals and coordination for their mid-April 2020 wedding. When the world shut down in March we spent those early pandemic weeks making and revising plans with each new headline and safety standard. 

Eventually we settled on a family only, home ceremony in April and postponed the big celebration. 

While I would never wish that stress on anyone, I could not have asked for a better couple or family to walk through that year with. Tori & X’s fall celebration kept the dusty tones Victoria had originally envisioned but added some warm touches for the Autumn Season. The day was a sweet celebration of family and their marriage that had already weathered a significant storm. 

wedding team

Makeup By Janelle  /  Beauty by Jenny Timmons  /  The Blissful Bee  /  Jessica Ormond Events  /  Allee J Photo  /  Kitalou Gin  /  Church House Wine  /  Lost Draw Cellars 

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