8 Ways To Tell If You Are A Jessica Ormond Events Bride – Part 2


January 8, 2018
8 ways to tell if you are a Jessica Ormond Events Bride - Party 2. Photographers: Tara Hobgood (top right), Allee J (top left), Emily Koontz (bottom right), Greenhouse Creative (bottom left)
Photographers: Tara Hobgood (top right), Allee J (top left), Emily Koontz (bottom right), Greenhouse Creative (bottom left)

Picking wedding vendors can be hard. So, in my last post I shared 8 ways—from casual to deep—to know if you are a Jessica Ormond Events bride or couple. Maybe you connected with only a trait or two. Or, maybe you loved the list but you’re not sure how having things in common with other JOEvents clients means you will like working with me. Whatever the reason, you need a little more information before deciding that you are ready to chat.

To review, the 8 ways to know if you are a JOEvents bride:

  • You are a reader
  • You delight in the beauty of nature
  • You have an eye for elegance
  • You seek out the finer things and experiences
  • You have a heart to serve
  • You value relationships
  • Your love story is ordinarily extra-ordinary
  • You desire a wedding that is as meaningful as it is beautiful

On the most basic level, if you connected with these traits, we’re probably going to get along. Not just because my past and current clients are described by aspects of this list, but because it also tells you about me. It describes how I design weddings and how I run my business. Let me elaborate:


From the point that I could read chapter books I was a smitten. Especially with period and historical fiction. That crush started with classics like Anne of Green Gables and Little Women and even lead to my bridesmaids wearing dresses with empire waistlines (thank you Pride and Prejudiced). You can’t read as much historical fiction as I have and not be a romantic, or influenced by the style and sensibilities of previous areas. The details of those stories first awoke me to the ideas of refinement, the beauty of the mundane and the exquisite, the idea that our setting and environment are also characters in our stories and celebrations.

Beauty (especially of nature)

Blame it on my roots, growing up on the west coast, in a family where vacation meant camping in the mountains or at the coast; my introspective nature; or all those books that described the natural worlds of their heroines. Whatever the cause I delight in the beauty of creation and can find something to enjoy in any landscape (even if it isn’t ultimately my preferred habitat). And so, I love to design events and especially flowers that acknowledge and draw inspiration from the location, and/or to incorporate elements of a landscape that is special to my couples. Now, if you are getting married with a mountain vista as your back drop, or with your feet in the ocean sands, that’s an extra bonus and I’m more than willing to travel to your destination.

Elegance, quality, and refinement

Elegant bride in European style garden. Emily Koontz Photography
Emily Koontz Photography

I’m cheating a little and lumping these two categories together because, for me, they really are two sides of the same coin. I was the girl who preferred Martha Stewart Weddings to Brides magazine. I have always been able to walk into a furniture store and pick out the simplest, understated piece only to discover that it is also one of the more expensive. When I was growing up we called that “expensive taste”. But really it is an eye for good design, quality, elegance. I bring the idea that quality makes a difference and is worth pursuing into every wedding I design.


This is one of the characteristics I find most universal to my couples, and I love it! I strive to give you the best experience possible, to make sure you feel heard and understood. But, even more I am continually challenged and inspired by how altruistic my clients are, the careers and the volunteer activities they choose. To honor this value I donate my time post wedding if you wish to gift your flowers to hospice or assisted living, and I contributing a portion of my profits to organizations that assist women locally and globally.


I accept a limited number of weddings a year so I can invest in my family, and I can serve you well and personally. During your consultation I take the time to hear your story and understand the why behind your style. We don’t rush through a check list of things I need to know, like your colors and table count. There will be a rabbit trail or two as we chatting about some other aspect of the wedding, how you met, or something we have in common. While ever professional, I am also like that big sister or friend who is a little further down the road of life and can offer guidance when you want it. That extra assistance can take the shape of helping you sort out how best to honor all your parental figures with corsages and boutonnieres or providing–as your coordinator–a safe and understanding ear if the eleventh-hour stress blindsides you.

Enhanced partnership

Marriage matters. It’s amazing what two people create when they partner together for this wonderful, crazy life. That partnership is beautiful, complicated, and so much more than the sum of the parts. My husband and I are sixteen years into our own marriage adventure. We’ve had our highs and our lows. But, I still say we are so much better together. We complement each other and balance one another’s weaknesses. And so, I know I am honored and privileged to be a contributor to your wedding day; to play a supporting role as you start to build something so much bigger than happily ever after.

A wedding of beauty and meaning

All these pieces add up to my overarching specialization; helping you create a wedding that has meaning and beauty. I assist you in prioritizing and defining what makes your wedding day unique to the two of you. We honor who you are and the marriage commitment you are making with beauty and elegance. So that your day tells your love story, honors your families, and delights your guests.

If you’ve made it through both parts of this mini blog series, then it’s definitely time for us to talk! I’m happy to answer any questions you may still have and eager to discuss your wedding day.

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