8 Ways To Tell If You Are A Jessica Ormond Events Bride – Part 1


January 8, 2018
8 ways to tell if you are a Jessica Ormond Events bride - part 1. Photographers: Lissa Anglin (top left), Caitlin & Ryan (top right), Allee J (bottom left), Forever Photography (bottom center), Emily Koontz (bottom right)
Photographers: Lissa Anglin (top left), Caitlin & Ryan (top right), Allee J (bottom left), Forever Photography (bottom center), Emily Koontz (bottom right)

A quick scroll through Instagram or a Google search will easily produce multiple options for wedding florists and/or planners that match your style. Short of a personal recommendation inclining you towards one professional or another it’s hard to know where to start. Who do you call first? Do you really have the time or desire to interview multiple businesses?

But, you want to make the right decision. If you are looking at equally talented wedding vendors how do you know who you will most enjoy working with? Who is going to “get” you and your fiancé? So, you pour over websites and social media looking for clues.

I get it. After a while all the portfolios, “Meet the Florist”, and “Your Dream Wedding” sections start to blur together. Or, maybe you are like me and sometimes you intuitively know who you want to work with but need to be able to quantify the why, the logic, behind your choice.

Wouldn’t you like a check list? A cheat sheet to help you decide if we are going to click?

That is why, I have compiled a list of the characteristics my brides and couples most often have in common. The list starts with casual preferences and moves towards deeper values. You only need to identify with a two or three of these traits to know that

I can help you design the wedding you are envisioning. The more this list resonates with you, the more you should be confident that you are a JOEvents bride and we should chat soon!

You are a reader

You may consider like-minded friends to be kindred spirits or desire a wedding style that draws on the romance of Pride and Prejudice. Whether you are a lover of the classics and literary styles, or prefer mysteries and fantasies, you are a bibliophile who enjoys a good book. Even if “real” life too often gets in the way and you don’t read as much as you’d like.

You delight in the beauty of nature

Perhaps you stop to savor a sunset over the plains of West Texas or love to adventure in the neighboring canyons. Or, you want to infuse your wedding with the greens of your beloved Hill Country. Perhaps your favorite escape is the Rocky or Cascade Mountains for camping and skiing. Or you are never happier than when laying on a Gulf beach or dipping your toes in the cold and wild Pacific. Whatever your ideal vista, you notice the beauty around you and it feeds your soul.

You have an eye for elegance

Maybe you are drawn to the classic lines of vintage or antique styles, whether casual or formal in function. Or you love the clean lines of more modern styles. Whatever period catches your eye you believe understated is better than flashy. Classic better than trendy. You adore tasteful details. And, on your wedding day you are going to radiate beauty in a wedding dress that tips more towards timeless and elegant than trendy and sexy.

You seek out finer things and experiences

Elegant Texas bride in downtown Lubbock with textured bouquet in green and white.
Katie Rivera Photography

There is a specific area, or many—such as clothing, accessories, sports equipment, or furniture—where you buy the best you can afford; not for the name of the label but its quality and ability to surpass trends. Your preference for refinement might also, or instead, manifest in your taste for quality experiences such as farm-to-table cuisine, craft coffee, or boutique hotels. It’s not that you don’t also enjoy indulging on the newest trends at Target, the affordable design at Ikea, or the convenience of a drive through coffee. But, that ultimately in the areas that matter most to you, your preference is for the most refined and/or luxurious option.

Your heart is to serve

Your career choice might be teaching, defending the disadvantaged, counseling, or physically healing the hurt and broken. Or, your generous heart finds an outlet in volunteerism or philanthropy, supporting causes and people you deeply care about.

You value relationships

You have strong ties to your family and close friendships. You think people are more important than things and you want your wedding to not only reflect who you are as a couple but to welcome and honor your loved ones.

Your love story is ordinarily extra-ordinary

It could be that you were high school or college sweethearts. Or, the two of you started as friends and love snuck up on you. Maybe your first date of casual coffee turned into an hours-long conversation. How you met, or eventually became a couple, may seem unexciting but yet was so perfectly amazing. Your idea of an ideal date might look more like a movie at home or dinner at a favorite casual restaurant, than dressing up for a fancy meal or a wild night dancing. Either way, when the toasts are given at your reception your closest friends, your siblings are going to talk about how the two of you are a perfect fit, a partnership that brings out the best in both of you, that the greatness of you together is exponentially more than the awesomeness that you individually possessed.

And finally, all JOEvents couples:

Desire a wedding that is as meaningful as it is beautiful

You understand that a beautiful environment has value. It creates an atmosphere that enhances and celebrates the memories of your wedding day. After all marriage itself is beautiful. But, because marriage is significant you don’t want the reason for your wedding to be overshadowed by the event. You want to infuse the day, the traditions and decor, with your personalities and the significance this commitment and celebration deserve.

So, are you a JOEvents couple?

If you aren’t yet sure, check out my next post.

But, if this sounds like you, I can’t wait to hear all about you and your wedding.

Go fill out my contact form right now (it’s quick and easy) and I’ll get back to you asap to schedule a consultation.

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