• "Pick me!" "Pick me!" If you follow many wedding professionals you can't help but notice it is now engagement season. If you are part of that profession--like me--then your IG feed feels saturated with colleagues encouraging the newly bedazzled to select them for that all important "big day." How in the world do you tell all these great options apart? Not just whose IG feed you love; but which professionals are you going to connect with? Who can you trust to understand, deliver, and elevate your wedding vision?

Just as picking your forever-and-always is a matter of chemistry--a little head and a little heart--so too is selecting your wedding team.

I have a little cheat sheet to help you figure out if we might have that magic connection for your intentional and stylish wedding. (Yes, I do still have some 2020 openings.) Check out the link in my profile and go to the "8 Ways to Tell if you Are a JOEvents Bride pt 1". While you're on the website fill out the contact form and we we can schedule a time to chat about your vision.

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  • The other day my sister commented, “Hands down, you have the coolest brides.” I really have to agree, I am blessed with the most intentional and stylish couples with the kindest families and friends.

If that wasn’t more than enough I am also surrounded by an incredible community of wedding professionals who strive for excellence, serve their client’s well, and offer sweet friendship.

I am daily thankful for the privilege of this work, for the relational riches. But I don’t say it out loud often enough.

So to my amazing clients and colleagues; my deepest thanks and gratitude. And, a very Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Congratulations to @andikitten and @noahs_big_boat who were married yesterday!

It was my joy to see how genuinely thrilled their friends and families are over their union.

And, a pleasure to witness the ways this couple wove intention, meaning, and heritage into their day. From choosing to be married at Andi’s family church, the reception venue that once ginned the cotton of and employed generations of her family, to the gifted vintage cake topper and the heirloom rosary wrapped around Andi’s bouquet.

While we where designing Andi’s flower she asked that we consider the #languageofflowers so these were my selections:

Astilbe:  Patience and dedication
Eucalyptus:  protection
Ivy:  friendship, fidelity, marriage
Lisianthus:  appreciation
Roses(all): Love (white-“I am worthy of you”; pink-“grace”; light pink-“admiration”)
Veronica:  Fidelity

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  • This easel holds one of my favorite elements of @momoore__ and @btylermoore wedding. Morgan is an artist and she asked about having all the guests paint on a canvas as a type of guestbook. From there Morgan and I developed the idea of having her and Tyler leave the first marks as their unity ceremony. And, instead of using a blank canvas @greenhouse_creative first drew the continuous line drawing she’d made of Tyler and Morgan for their invitations suite.

These types of personal details (they can be more subtle) are what truly make your wedding not only intentional but uniquely you.

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  • Congratulations to @momoore__ and @btylermoore ! Their wedding yesterday was one of the highlights of 2019. From their amazing vision, the the depth and love not just between them but also with their family and friends, to the top level team of professionals (#lubbocksbest - who all raved all night about how amazing it was to work with Morgan and Tyler). I’ve been oversharing in stories and don’t even care.

These two prove that you don’t need an extend engagement (we nailed their vision in just 6mos) or to approach your wedding with Pinterest or publication aspirations to have an intentional and stylish celebration. Simply show up confidential as yourselves, highlight your interest and tastes, select your vendors based first on who you like and trust, and gather your favorite people to witness your commitment to each other. It really is that easy.

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  • “Autumn mornings: sunshine and crisp air, birds and calmness, year's end and day's beginnings.” Terri Guillemets

I know it’s unpopular but I much prefer Standard time to Daylight Saving. Partly because it lines up with my natural rhythms the best. But mostly because there is something about having the sun wake up with me. The promise and anticipation of the new day.

And, for whatever reason fall doesn’t feel official until we put the clocks back to normal.

Autumn is my favorite—not for the PSL (ew 😝), and not even for the sweaters 😍—but because it feels like an exhale after the frantic pace of summer and a reset, mini new year’s, an opportunity to reflect.

All of which are reasons that #fallweddings have their own special magic. They tend to attract old souls and invite reflection and celebration of the journey thus far as well as the promises of the future.

What do you love best about fall weddings?

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  • All the congratulations to Danielle and Victor who where married yesterday! @danimia17 wanted flowers with an old world Spanish feel. All the deep reds and texture did indeed make for a show stopping bouquet.

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