Micro Weddings

There are a lot of wonderful reasons to consider a small or micro wedding. But, if you have landed here, you already suspect that. You may, however, have also discovered that a scaled back marriage celebration does have different needs than a more traditionally sized wedding.

First dance at the Willows Event Center in Lubbock
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Whether you are celebrating at home, a wedding venue, or somewhere in-between I can help you navigate the logistics and create a beautiful wedding day.

A wedding that is personally meaningful, focused on what your value most, without sacrificing beauty or style.

For micro and small wedding (75 or less guests) you can choose between Full Planning or Management & Consultation packages that also includes the design fees for Custom Floral.

How can we ever thank you enough for walking with us through 15 versions of 2 daughter’s Covid weddings?! I truly don’t know if anyone else could have given us the confidence and peace that you blessed us with. Not to mention the jaw dropping beauty in every detail you created. We are sincerely thankful for you!

Thank you for hearing the girls visions and creating beauty beyond what they dreamed. Thank you for showing us grace through all the changes and peace through all of our chaos.

Lauren, mother of two 2020 Brides

Planning Options

Comprehensive Planning

When you want someone else to handle all the details and curate your wedding vendor options.

Management & Consultation

When you have your wedding team but need an advocate and guide to keep the vision and details on track.

More details about Planning Packages

That Include Floral & Design

Both planning options include: Development of your floral and décor vision; and sourcing of any décor or furniture rentals (i.e. candles, tables, chairs, tablecloths, etc.). And, the design costs for your florals.

You will be billed separately for the actual cost of your floral materials*, décor, and rentals.

*This will be about a third of the traditional cost of flower arrangements as the design (labor) costs are already included in the planning package.

Ready to Learn More?

Follow the link below to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can craft your wedding with personal meaning and artful style.

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