• A flashback to @morganlaneb and Brode's engagement session with @mikayladawnphotography this spring.

This dreamy woodsy scene is helping me transition from the frantic not-enough-time get-out-of-town preparations to vacation mode now that we are on the road. (Only four hours late. 😬 Nature or nurture I blame my overly optimistic time estimates and/or overloaded to do lists on my parents. 😂) Only a quick mini vacation this year but I am looking forward to getting a little time in the mountains.

What are your favorite vacation destinations/activities?
  • It is tempting to think that true rejuvenation only comes from the elaborate and expensive. Vacations. Spa days. House Cleaners. Personal Chefs.

Today was relaxing. But long, full, and productive. And, other than dinner out it didn't include any luxuries.

It did include sleeping in (yay for the boys visiting cousins). A wonderful consultation were we lost track of time. Client emails. Date night at a new local restraunt. Followed by leisurely errands (you know you are old when 😂). Today made me pause. I am realizing that refueling and relaxing doesn't require escapism or luxury, it doesn't demand the absence of work. Rather rest is found in margin. Purpose. Connection.

Margin looks different each day, each season. Sometimes escape or luxuries help us create that space. And, while I would love to allow everyday to unfold with the natural rhythm of today that isn't realistic, often schedules must be fuller.

But, I can be more intentional about allowing myself more weekends that don't require early wake ups. Planning dates, or seizing the opportunities offered (yes, scoring a last minute reservation). Making sure I'm connecting with and serving my clients instead obsessing about the items on my to do list.

Where do you find or create rest in your everyday, maybe chaotic, life?

Photo by @greenhouse_creative 
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  • I have, quite frankly, wasted too much time thinking about this caption. Writing and rewriting it. My original intent was to share my little bit of flower play and a quick "Happy Independence Day." But as I've scrolled social media today it all seems a lot more complicated than that.

I don't get political online, personally or publicly. I struggle with the exhibitionism that social media seems to demand and I rarely share what I think about things that really matter.

Because my job is creating and sharing beauty, helping couples create meaningful wedding celebration. This is my business account, so you know, "Shut up and sing." Or, more accurately, "shut up and design." Because I value relationship and think most of the deep stuff is best discussed face to face. And, acted upon first privately and within my sphere of influence, before exporting or broadcasting. (Some are called to activism, in a public capacity, and that's good, we need everyone. But I am not.) But, because relationships with my clients matter too and you wonderful amazing couples come from all different histories and persuasions I want to attempt to hold space for those who celebrating and those who are struggling this (or every) July 4th.

So here is what I do know, I'm incredibly lucky to be a citizen of this "Great Experiment" even though she is at times flawed and troubled. 
I recently read the Oscar Wilde quote, "With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy." As I prepare for an evening with friends I do feel that joy, and the gratitude for all the work and sacrifices that have been made so that I can enjoy these privileges.

I am also keenly aware that whether we are talking about personal character or national policies that we should remember Peter Marshall's admonition, "May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right." For those right actions--and the tension of figuring out what that looks like--is where our greatness is found.

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  • The bad news:  I have fallen terribly behind on my blog. 😬 The good news:  I am working on catching up and have posted the stunning @dezstephenson and Tip. (Since we just completed the hotest May + June on record here in #lubbocktx I think a little backwards jump to this #winterwedding, albeit out of season, is also also a sweet break from the heat.) Go check out all the elegant goodness (link in profile). Photo by @tarahobgoodphotography

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  • When the new #mrandmrs are dance instructors, a groom led flash mob is a must. ***
One of my favorite things is the subtle and overt ways my clients choose to share with their guests who they are as couple. The ways they celebrate the meaningful characteristics of the partnership, family, and life they are creating. 💙

What is a favorite personal touch you have witnessed at a wedding? ***
Photographer: @lissaanglinphoto

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  • Happiest #firstanniversary to one of the most infectiously joyous couples I've ever had the pleasure of working with, @karrina.leber and @markleber03.

And, many thanks to @lissaanglinphoto for these amazing photos. 
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