• Congratulations and happy marriage day to @tannerlynne and @sethkiker!

Aren't the colors in Tanner's #bouquet drool worthy? 😍

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  • I tried to unplug Sunday and missed posting @laura.hilerio and Kyle's anniversary. Happiest (belated) #firstanniversary you two! Working with you was such a joy!

Swipe to see some of that fun. And, check out my stories to see one of my favorite designs from their wedding.

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  • Hey there! If we haven't officially met yet (and there are some new faces here), this is me, the girl behind this wedding flower and planning business. My 2018 wedding season is just about complete so I'm enjoying spending more time wearing my mom and wife hats. Taking time to learning new design and business skills. Reading for fun. Plotting a bedroom redesign for my boys' Christmas present.

But I am also so loving meeting and dreaming with 2019 couples. There have been a lot of long chats over coffee, sweet love stories, problem solving logistics, and dreaming up beautiful and equally meaningful celebrations.

How is your November? Are you in a slow season looking forward to the holidays? Or juggling all the things?

Image by my dear friend @greenhouse_creative.
  • I really love each season in it's turn so how about a close up on this #fallbouquet? And, tell me, what are you loving about November? Or are you already in Christmas mode and eager to skip ahead?

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  • Isn't this picture from @emilykoontzphoto everything that #fallwedding dreams are made of? 😍 But more importantly today is @ale_townes and @thadtownes first anniversary. And, of course, I can't let the day pass without wishing this sweet couple many more years of joy!

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  • Mothering + Flowering came up in one of my industry groups this week. The juggle and balance of all the things, the kids and the clients, in this crazy wonderful life.

In sharing my (fumbling) best practices I stumbled upon this truth:

Don't let others' skewed perspectives set your self-expectations.

Wedding professionals often hear things like, "It must be nice to only work on the weekends." Florists, "get to play with flowers." Gather any group of wedding pro moms together and you hear stories about how their families and/or friends say or act like they are playing at a hobby, they don't have a "real" job.

But this truth isn't just for wedding pros ... Teachers are told they "only work nine months." Work from home moms (of all careers) feel pressure to keep their houses SAHM levels of clean and volunteer for all the school things because they are home during the day. Not that I know any SAHM who aren't actually SAHM Plus ... +bookkeeper for her husband's business, +side hustle craft/party sales, +regular volunteer, +homeschool, etc.

As women, moms or not, too often we hold ourselves to standards of excellence in our life management that are impossible and not based on our actual realities. We hesitate to set needed boundaries or to delegate (or delete) tasks. All because people outside of our homes and daily routine make false assumptions about our realities. For some reason we don't want to let them down, or we want to prove to them that we can "have it all" and we let those assumptions set our self-expectations.

But that is crazy-making and an impossible way to live.

I am #preachingtomyself here but what would it look like if we gave ourselves permission to structure our lives based on reality, not skewed perceptions?

And, then in turn gave each other the grace of asking questions and the freedom of not making assumptions about each other's work, "free time", home management, health, or mothering? ***
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  • Remember the engagement session giveaway I participated in this past spring? Well the winners tied the knot this weekend. Congratulations Morgan and Brode!

The other giveaway participants:
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