• Congratulations to @koreyraye and @ctdenton on their marriage yesterday!

All the #gardenvibes and fun details are in my stories if this bouquet leaves you wanting more.

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  • All the first anniversary feels and best wishes (including for a good night sleep for these new parents 😘) to @henleymprice and @b.price56!

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  • Happy marriage day to Rachael and Robert! It has been a beautiful day. All happiness and blessings for these two and of course #maythefourthbewithyou.

Yes, as fans Star Wars Day was the obvious choice for their wedding.

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  • Are you team Pictures of Personal Details are Everything? Or team They’re Not that Important?

It’s very much a personal priority thing and there’s not a right or wrong answer. But, what is true is that details make an event.

Your shoes may or may not factor into that. But, your guests will consciously notice if a big detail is askew; such as not enough ceremony seating. And, subconsciously notice if all the subtle elements—congruency of each visual and tactile element, a floor plan that flows naturally and intuitively—are intentionally addressed. (The value of the later is a topic for another day.) As such, much of my time is spent thinking about and addressing details on your behalf.

With flowers it’s not just in the final design—using the right design techniques, addressing each visual element, or not using flowers that are damaged. 
It’s in the proper care of the flowers. In the selection of vessels and flower types for your style, setting, and season. In double checking your arrangements list; not to “up-sell” but to make sure you didn’t miss a grandma.

In planning it is not just communicating your timeline, confirming the number of tables, sending you my favorite wedding pros as recommendations.

It’s communicating with all your vendors and making sure the timeline maximizes each vendors ability to deliver their best service. Setting up the floor plan and advising on seating so you guests feel seen and never awkward navigating your reception. It’s researching and comparing wedding pros so that you see the best fit for your personality, needs, and desires—and in an apples to apples comparison. And, it’s thinking through all those style elements— that they work together and address all the senses.

A lot of the work—of your best wedding professionals—is behind the scenes and addressing details that you may not even know are important. But that care and intention makes the difference between good enough and exceptional service.

Photographer & Stationery:  @greenhouse_creative 
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  • This is what it looks like to step into my daydreams.

There was a moment during this editorial where I stopped prepping, analyzing, adjusting, styling. In that moment of simply observing I realized that we’d created the romantic world of my bookworm self. I had stepped into all those bygone daydreams fueled by Jane Austen, LM Montgomery, classics, and innumerable historical fiction novels.

That part of me doesn’t get out much anymore. Life is full and there something to be said for living it—even when it’s full of boy humor, noise, and to do list—to be present in my reality instead of hiding in a fantasy.

But it’s okay too to acknowledge that there is something about this type of beauty, this lush fantasy of stories and slowness, of abundance and simple lines, of curated details and textured experiences that speaks to my soul. That when my creativity gets to run free it wants to be a little extravagant, a little impractical; but, all for the sake of an invitation to come, rest, and to be known.

Yes, all those stories had idyllic settings but ultimately they were about their heroines discovering their true self and that they were indeed lovely and loved. That they belonged.

Beauty is a catalyst for rest and joy. And, when we enter that environment together it is also an invitation for connection and community.

Who would you invite to this table? What would you want them to know about their unique lovely heart?

Photographer:  @greenhouse_creative 
Painting:  @abeautifulmesslubbocktexas 
Furniture:  @attic_vintage_rentals 
Runner:  Lino and Co
Candlesticks:  @ikeausa

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  • I have so many pretties to share I hardly know where to start. But this editorial? I’m still pinching myself at the art @greenhouse_creative and I created, so maybe we should start with the sneak peak.

With the lovely @zahriya.zachary—who has the most contagious joy.

With this wild, romantic, spring bouquet—sometimes you just can’t have too many adjectives.

And, with the vintage oil painting that inspired it all.

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  • Monday means the house is quiet with all my guys back at school and work. I have quite a lot of work to do myself but I’ve spent (too much) time scrolling through all the Easter posts and contemplating what if anything to share about our own weekend.

When it comes to the obligatory holiday posts I can face paralysis ... it seems a little self centered that anyone would actually care what I did. I am aware that not everyone had a wonderful weekend nor celebrated Easter, and there was fatal persecution of Christians and murder of tourists & citizens in Sri Lanka.

When is another square just more noise? When does it become mindless platitudes?

I am not impugning anyone else’s motives just accessing my own.

And, I default to privacy, and have learned to be reserved in sharing my emotions.

So after much contemplation/overthinking here is my takeaway:

This was one of only a handful of free weekends for our family between now and the end of July; and it was sweet.

Friday date night—the first in months.

Productive Saturday just catching up on the mundane tasks of real life.

A Sunday filled with worship, family, good food, naps, and rich community.

I got to be #offtheclock. I’m rested and that helps me delight in the fresh potential of this new week. I’m grateful for the gifts of this weekend, especially the people.

That gratitude reminds me to embrace the week ahead and all my responsibilities with joy. To pursue my tasks, clients, and people with intention. To celebrate all new beginnings, new mornings. Even when they are “just” Mondays.

What potential/renewal are you celebrating this week?

Photographer:  @greenhouse_creative

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