• Congratulations to Scott and @looloo2084 who were married yesterday.

One of the things I most love about this job is the honor of being a witness to and participant in couples' stories.

From the anticipatory just starting life loves who get "married in a fever" or have even grown their commitment over a few years, maybe from high school. To the more established loves who've already walked significant life journeys; together or alone.

Scott and Lesley have a story like the latter. Having already traveled hard seasons their joy was just as intense, but more settled, more grounded in gratitude and a more informed commitment. It was a pleasure to flower and help plan their marriage day.
  • I don't know what it is about willow trees... Maybe that we had at least one at each of the three houses I lived in growing up. They were great places to play. Their own little rooms and worlds for make believe. Maybe it is that Little Mermaid was the first Disney movie I remember seeing as a new release and the willow filled lagoon seemed so enchanting.

Some how, for me, they have become the most romantic of trees and one of my favorites. They speak to me of romanticism, of solitude and peace, good books, picnics, and long conversations. (Oops, is my introvert showing?) So, of course I swooned a little the first time I toured @thewillowseventcenter and saw their pond encircled by willows. Which proved to be the sweetest back drop for this portrait by @emilykoontzphoto.

Now, if I could just get my husband to agree to plant one in our yard... Do you have a favorite tree?
  • Guys! I have so many pictures I need to share. But, several back to back events without much time for culling and captioning. (No complaint, it's a good problem to have!) One of those events is The Willows Event Center open house on Saturday. So I'm going to try to share a few pictures from the style shoot I did there earlier this summer. If you are looking for a unique garden/urban Lubbock venue put the open house on your calendar.

Venue:  @thewillowseventcenter
Photographer:  @emilykoontzphoto
Chair rental:  @spoilmerotten_party_rentals
  • Happy #fifthanniversary to Zack and @erica.rose.k! These two are as sweet as they are adorable. 
I love September weddings; my anniversary is tomorrow. But one of my favorite things about their wedding was getting to almost exclusively use gorgeous #locallygrownflowers from @lemeragardens. (Only the roses and calla lilies were shipped to me.) Seriously, check out those #dahlias!

Swipe to see more! The first picture is mine and the rest are by @kseeimages.
  • Congratulations to Geoffrey and Sarah who were married yesterday and are now jetting off to their honeymoon. It was such a joy working with these two on their sweet and romantic wedding. It was a double honor to be included in a second Sharp family wedding, in as many years.

There are more pretty pictures in my stories but for now here's a picture of Sarah's bouquet. Because, #dahliaseason.

#lubbockweddingplanner #texasweddingplanner #texaswedding #bridalbouquet
  • Congratulations to Dustin and Ali who were married on Saturday in a beautiful and fun wedding at @llanowine. From @ohh_ali textured and understated #bridalbouquet to Star Trek emblem "boutonnieres" and a recessional in Star Wars masks they infused their celebration with their personalities and interests.

#lubbockwedding #texaswedding #texasflorist #dahlias
  • August has been a wild month around here; it was equal parts hard and good, frantic motion and intentional presence. So part of me is happy to see it go and part is wondering how it is over already.

As I look ahead to an even fuller (hopefully less dramatic) September I thought I'd share a few things that are saving my life right now (a la @annebogel) instead of the typical #fridayintroductions.

1.  The most amazing line up of September couples. Each #septemberwedding is going to be as meaningful as it is beautiful. And, all the planning clients are starting to feel like friends.

2.  High protein breakfast. If I get this right the rest of the day goes so much better.

3.  Intentional community. This month started with the resurrection of an unhealed rejection. But time and time again I received blessing in the presence and pursuit of community; whether through activities we intentionally chose/pursued, sweet unexpected invitations, or a cross-country friend going the many, many extra miles to literally show up on my doorstep.

4.  Both boys in school. 🙌 (My late work nights aren't quite so late or frequent.) 5.  Distraction free minutes w the boys. Long snuggles at bedtime. Our Thursday "special" after school snack where we hit up the happy hour at Sonic or DQ.

What is saving your life right now? What silly or serious silver linings are bringing joy to your hard or mundane?

Picture by sweet and ever encouraging @greenhouse_creative.

#friyay #pursuewhatislovely