• The bride’s bouquet is one of my favorite things to design. The weaving of flowers into lyrics that reveal something about her—her history, her tastes, her personality. Each bouquet becomes a poem that whispers and sings of her uniquely beautiful character. Her heart’s design.

This was @ray_chellle poem.

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  • Here’s the classic bouquet that @erikmysti carried on Saturday. Full of the ruffled sweetness of roses and peonies.
I’m “only” three days late with this post. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Which got me thinking... We use these little squares as a metric for our success, the success of our competitors in business or our social circle in life.

We know it is a fools errand. Yet, we are addicted to the dopamine hit, we let likes tell us something about ourselves, and the staged perfection of others skew our perspective.

In business we make assumptions about other’s busyness, the quality of their bookings, connections, and work based on what is posted.

Sure IG shows us some wins. But the funny thing is—real quality service has nothing to do with consistency of social media posting, or the level of curation in a feed.

Sometimes a lack of posting is a lack of work to share. But it can also be ...
-  Not knowing what to say.
-  A lack of social media aptitude.
-  Not prioritizing social media—or taking a much needed break (from social media or an actual vacation).
-  Working on our businesses—planning, dreaming, implementing.
-  Overwhelm and paralysis (@deborahfaithphoto recently had a brilliant post about that.) Ultimately I think we might be surprised to find that often silence means we are busy serving our respective clients.

We are answering emails and text. Plotting timelines for design and the wedding day. Venue walk throughs. Knee deep in buckets of flowers or (just as frequent) spreadsheets to determine those flower orders.

These, these tasks are the things that matter to our clients and at the end of the day to the success of our businesses.

Sure a curated, consisted social media strategy can expedite growth. But all that unglamorous work creates deep roots of relationships with thrilled clients and trusting colleagues. Roots that then feed and support sustainable growth, long term success.

Celebrate the beauty in your feed and congratulate the wins.

But, let’s focus on and prioritize the good, hard, and beautiful work and assume that our colleagues are doing the same.
  • These cuties celebrated their 5th Anniversary on Friday. @jenniferk_smith and Trent, may you celebrate many more years with joy.

Photo:  @kellycaleb
  • The gardeny goodness of @laceyjoluns bouquet; all romance and scented like a summer rose garden. 
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  • The lovely @laceyjoluns is now a Mrs so I can share this peek of her bridals from @emilykoontzphoto. I’ll take all the weddings with intentional, trusting, and classy brides with any of my talented vendor friends. (We have an amazing local wedding community.) #texasbride #lubbockbride #fineartflorist #bridalportraits #shesaidyes
  • I made two bridal portrait bouquets yesterday using many of the same ingredients. Yet they are two different looks.

Creating bouquets that are unique to each bride is one of my favorite things; matching your tastes, style, and personality.

Of course I study the newest techniques and watch the trends. But, ultimately what I do isn’t about drawing attention to my design skills; it’s about #reflectingeachbridesbeauty and creating that #perfectforyou bouquet!

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  • If you are celebrating Father’s Day how are you spending the day?

We’re throughly enjoying a slow Sunday in what is shaping up to be a very hectic summer. (But also a gloriously beautiful summer—just look at the show stopper #peony in @steph_s02 bouquet last weekend.) Around here we dispensed all the gifts earlier this weekend ... “You get an Amazon gift card!”
“You get an Amazon gift card!”
“And you!”
“Everyone gets a gift card!” Now it is just the four of us, mostly chilling on the couch. And, I’m not complaining a bit. (If only Mother’s Day could be so easy!) What is your favorite part of celebrating dad?