• 18 Years. I told @brihno360 our marriage is officially an “adult” today. And he responded, “So it can buy cigarettes?”
“And vote.”
“And sign up for military service.”🤦🏻‍♀️😂 That about sums up our dynamic:
Me, trying to be deep and profound.
Him, looking for the laugh, the slightly irreverent.
Put a better way, he keeps me from taking myself too seriously.

Similarly, this picture snapped by one of the boys isn’t exactly IG perfect—we’re windswept (and sunburned). But it’s our most recent (we aren’t big picture people) and much more accurate than any pro photo I could share.

This is us. A little goofy. Unimpressive by all the standards but comfortable. Still exploring together. Finding adventures in life (whether I’m ready or not 😂). #marriagematters #18years #oppositesattract #perfectfit #bettertogether
  • This picture from @deborahfaithphoto is a fun capture of my role with my clients. Just like I’m rarely fully in the frame of their pictures (if I’m present at all) my goal is to seamlessly support your day—as your planner or florist —without drawing attention to myself.

I was going to post a #fridayintroduction today, but do you ever just get tired of yourself?

There are many people on the edges of this business, it’s history, who have supported and encouraged me. Rather than tell you 3-5 things about me; how about I highlight 5 of these impactful people?

1. Our own wedding coordinator @christeanwhite who graciously said yes (and then trained me) when my newly married 21yr old self asked if I could maybe join the team of coordinators at our church.

2. Barb who often asked for my input and encouraged my growth and involvement on that team.

3. @jeaniepayne1 who while she was an experienced planner and florist treated me as a colleague when she provided the flowers for friends’ weddings I was coordinating. I was still so green and Jeanie was beyond gracious. In hindsight I wish I’d been courageous and in the position to ask to work for and learn from her.

4. My sisters-in-law @nichjelmervik who let me do her flowers (such a crazy risk for the start of our relationship) and from whose wedding I got my first booking for total strangers.

5. My husband @brihno360 who never tells me that this is crazy and I should get a traditional job. But is my willing handyman, sometimes assistant, and is forever putting up with the crazy hours (and mess). He has more confidence in my potential and success than I.

There are so many more people and I’ll share more another day.

I don’t say it enough but I’m so very aware and grateful—no matter how slow, winding, and overly cautious my journey has been—that it has been helped along by the trust, support, and encouragement of others!

Do you have anyone like this in your life? Whose role was important but maybe wouldn’t know it? Tag them and let them know!

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  • Wanna know a dirty little secret?

Wedding pros are more active—in feed, stories can be a different beast—when they *aren’t* frantically busy with weddings. There’s exceptions to every rule. But generally when it’s all hands on deck to create magic for our clients there’s minimal time for intentional social media posts.

When we have more margin and the focus is on prep not production we can share.

It’s a natural and even healthy rhythm.

Creativity, not to mention relationships and health suffer if there isn’t an ebb and flow to work.

There are seasons for having our heads down getting the work done. Seasons for sharing that work. And seasons for focusing on the other important things in life.

The problem for me—I hope I’m not alone—is that more time for sharing also means more time for scrolling. Then that comparison monster can pop up his head. Forgetting reason; a quite weekend with the kids is just as important all those amazing wedding everyone else is posting in stories. That all those “killing it” posts mean those pros are likely also in less overloaded seasons. Maybe even feeling all the same insecurities.
If you’re in the position of customer—don’t assume you know how much creatives are producing based on their social media. Most pros I know are striving to be transparent but social media can inadvertently become smoke and mirrors.

Ask questions. Ask to see the work. And, make sure you know what you value. If you want customized, one on one attention, the hustling from project to project, weddings nonstop creative might not be your best fit. If ultra connected isn’t your style and you love being w the busiest pro—make sure they have the systems to match their commitment of production.
And creative friends, we so easily tangle our identity up with our work. I’m #preachingtomyself here but let’s not forget that social media is a poor metric for our business and other people’s businesses. And, even more important social media does NOT define our personal worth or value as a creative.

Photo:  @alleejphoto

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  • A cohesive wedding design requires so much more than picking your colors and making sure everything matches.

For example:  these escort cards have string lights (one of the venue features the couple adored). The flowers echoed the colors yes but also the garden style of the bride’s bouquet. The moss brings in the green from @spiritranchtx setting, which nods to the bride’s east coast roots. The sweet tray reflects other classic, garden elements.

Finding the connections and subtle meanings is one of my favorite parts of the design process. Your guests may or may not consciously notice each element, each meaning. Yet, the extra intention is what gives meaning—not just beauty—to the design of your day. And, is what leaves your guests delighted and exclaiming, “It was beautiful and so them!” All images by @alleejphoto 
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  • It’s these sweethearts’ #firstanniversary! What a privilege it was to flower and plan @_sarahmarieeee and @xpmental.ig garden inspired wedding last September.

Photo:  @alleejphoto

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  • Happy #firstanniversary @ohh_ali and @itsdustinely! Make sure you don’t miss the fun way they worked their personalities into their ceremony exit. 👉🏼 Photographer:  @chelseysandersphotography

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  • “Pink is the most bewitching color.” Anne of Green Gables

I’ve always been more drawn to blue in my home and fashion but every time I design with pink flowers I can’t help but agree with Anne. Sweet at first glance pink is belying simple. I find that time after time I’m a bit more smitten with her charms than I had expected.

Photo by @emilykoontzphoto

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